Big Data at Work: A Book Review.


Thomas H. Davenport is a daring man. 

He has taken one of the most hyped buzzwords in technology and successfully made it consumable for people who do not have technical or analytical backgrounds.

Big Data @ Work is an ambitious book.

If you’re looking for the most accurate summary on his work – you’ve landed on the single best page on the internet.

It promises to cover all the bases. What big data means from a technical, consumer, and management perspective; what its opportunities and costs are; where it can have a real business impact; and which aspects of this hot topic have been oversold. Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? 

Nevertheless, it’s a great book. Newbies, especially those who are looking for an excellent introduction to Big Data, will love it.  

He has given the world a book that accurately and wonderfully explains the rapidly changing world of information technology.

We devoured his most acclaimed book and came up with a perspective on the same.  Download the book summary here

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