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The depth and breadth of accurate data play a huge role in the quality of the decisions you make. With the explosion of the volumes and sources of data available, the significance of aggregating the right and meaningful information is crucial.

Achieve specific business objectives

Data aggregation helps you identify and extract the right information from multiple sources in near real-time to support timely decision-making.

Make information feasible for analysis

Raw data makes performing analysis a difficult process. Our data aggregation solution makes data suitable for further analysis with data normalization and deduplication.

Get over the problem of data silos

Collating and cleaning up data isolated in different internal and external databases helps in drawing better insights.

data aggregation platform
case case
Tax evaders identified through data aggregation

How this tax collecting authority identified tax evaders through data aggregation.

Real estate data aggregated from 30K+ websites

Market and industry data amassed for a key player in the commercial real estate space.


data aggregation solution
Sales and Marketing

Engage with your customers and prospects confidently with fresh, accurate, and enriched data. We help you identify the right target audiences and aggregate relevant information that facilitates personalized campaign efforts for better conversions

location data aggregation
Location Analytics

Gain a competitive edge, personalize marketing communications, and make other strategic business decisions with the help of accurate, fresh, and vast POI data that covers multiple attributes through location data aggregation

data aggregation tool
Data scientists and analysts

Gather data from millions of sources to feed datasets for your machine learning models with well-labeled and accurate data

Data aggregation services built to power your business

data aggregation

Highly scalable infrastructure

We deploy our proprietary data aggregation platform - Mobito that handles huge volumes of data. Mobito has the ability to crawl thousands of sources and extract data in near real-time

financial data aggregation

Superior data quality

Our data quality experts ensure data quality through rigorous data normalization, deduplication, and enrichment process that ensure more than 90% data quality

data aggregation machine learning

Fully automated technology

Mobito is a sophisticated data aggregation platform that can bypass blockages, supports multiple languages, and enables bot customization for every unique business need

data aggregation process

Favorable delivery formats

We deliver data in any preferred format like .txt, .xls, .csv, .tsv, XML, PDF, JSON, and more or integrate it into your systems with custom-built APIs

Automate your data aggregation process with X-tract.io

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