eCommerce analytics platform tailored for your business

ecommerce analytics platform

Be found where your customers are searching

Enrich product experience effortlessly

Stay ahead of competitors

Improve visibility and performance

Enhance your brand reputation

Drive your sales, profit and growth with DigiSense 360

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Enrich Product Experience

DigiSense 360 is an intuitive platform that helps provide best-in-class product experience across multiple digital channels. The automated data enrichment tools help gather all the product information centrally, customize the product experience for each channel, and drive better compliance and data consistency.

product content management

Customize Your Dashboard

We help you make smart business decisions by curating and manipulating data from sales channels, social media platforms, internal and external sources. With our user-friendly dashboard, analytic reports, and data visualizations, we help you drill down to actionable items tailored to your business needs.

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Optimize Content and Visibility

We enhance the organic visibility of your products across different channels and help you drive high sales conversions and purchases. With our most efficient digital shelf analysis we ensure that the products are positioned appropriately on the digital shelf. Using our marketplace SEO techniques, eCommerce retail analytics and conversion metrics, we help track and improve your product performance.

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Gain Competitive Intelligence

With accurate data at your fingertips, our eCommerce analytics tool helps you empower your business with data-driven strategies. Get insights on product assortment, channel visibility, and monitor important competitor announcements, pricing, events, launches, and industry news. We help you strategize price benchmarking and repricing through real-time price updates from the competitors.

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Manage Online Reputation

We help you benchmark your customer reviews and star ratings against best sellers in the industry. We help you stay on top of your customer feedback, comments, and reviews from anywhere on the web. Our AI-powered sentiment analysis process helps you classify customer feedback into positive, negative, and neutral emotions and respond quickly and appropriately.


Drive Sales, Profit & Growth

Our eCommerce conversion expertise helps you keep track of your sales & conversions using the key performance indicators customized to your marketing funnels. By identifying the content that directly impacts the conversion rate and monitoring on a daily basis we empower your portfolio with real-time conversion optimization.

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Help your visitors navigate through the right pages with proper information architecture, taxonomy creation and product content management

Grow your business by driving better product experiences through automated product onboarding, digital shelf analytics, enhanced product visibility, and increased conversions

Enrich product catalogs with accurate product descriptions, digital assets, essential guides & datasheets to improve the product experience

Keep track of the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of your product and get instantly notified of unauthorized sellers to protect brand integrity

Stay aware of your brand mentions across social media channels, review websites, listing forums, and other places and take complete control of your reputation

Why DigiSense 360?

data aggregation solution

Undisputed leader in Data for 20+ years

As a leader in automation and eCommerce for 20+ years, our demonstrated history of processing volumes of complex and unstructured data from multiple retailers, APIs, channels, marketplaces helps us overcome the complexities and data collection challenges. With our homegrown proprietary tools, automated web crawlers, and intelligent crawl management platform we ensure data accuracy and scalability.

large-scale data

Proven & closed-loop mechanism

Our analytics is empowered by a closed-loop mechanism that provides AI-based insights and real-time triggers. This closed-loop mechanism facilitates automation of changes in product information, content, and pricing based on the feedback and insights from the user experience. Our integrated approach gives you a 360-degree overview of product content enrichment, competitive intelligence, and channel compliance.

ecommerce retail analytics

eCommerce expertise at ease

Years of hands-on experience with multiple eCommerce brands across various industries helps us understand the pain points and challenges of product content management. With our eCommerce retail analytics, we help you to forecast, strategize and execute crucial changes to accelerate business growth. This makes DigiSense stand out from other eCommerce analytics tools that provide digital shelf analytics.

Accelerated time-to-market with multichannel selling

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