Transform data into actionable insights instantly.

We deliver end-to-end analytics solutions extracting valuable insights from enterprise data, alternate data, and dark data. These insights help you to streamline operations, evaluate a company’s financial strength, grow your brand online, and expand into new markets. We build tailored solutions to capitalize on your existing data and accelerate your revenue growth.

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Why does your company need Business Intelligence?

Understand large-scale data better

Improve operational efficiency

Gather insights into customer behavior

Optimize pricing strategy

Gain a competitive advantage

Business intelligence solutions crafted for your unique data requirements

Understanding customer emotions is vital in improving your online presence. With our online analytics, you can find the best way to configure websites, position ads, and optimize social media communications.

Identify what your customers like and dislike with our aspect-based sentiment analysis

Analyze your performance on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Real-time monitoring from business listings, Amazon, eBay

Identifying current trends and competing with competitors is essential to sustain the local and international markets. Gain actionable insights of your customers, competitors, industry trends, and market demands around the globe.

Adopt data-driven strategies to optimize your inventory

Target the right customers segmenting with location-based insights

Increase your upselling forecasting demands against important metrics

Analyzing data from complex machines is always difficult. Our solution helps you capitalize on your enterprise data to streamline everyday operations, identify delivery issues, and improve efficiency.

Reduce warehouse costs forecasting demand and ensuring the right stock availability

Optimize your shipping and flight operations with our real-time tracking

Make strategic investments with our accurate time-series and geolocation data.

Pricing trends change frequently which makes it difficult for capturing and analyzing. Our pricing analytics enables you to track, monitor, and analyze pricing strategy to maximize your revenue and market share.

Understand how your customers react to your price changes with price elasticity models

Outperform your competitors with our dynamic competitor monitoring

Get notified for price fluctuations with alerts right to your dashboard

Business intelligence solution with powerful reporting and analytics.


Customized reports and compelling visualizations


Our pre-configured reports enable you to measure various KPIs like social media engagements, campaign performance, inventory period, account payable, and more. Our robust platform works well with PowerBI, Tableau, etc. You can create powerful charts, dashboards, tables, and graphs that can be easily interpreted and shared across various stakeholders.


Data-driven decision making


Our timely and accurate data empowers you to make better decisions across various functions like sales, marketing, finances, operations, IT, and more. You can eliminate guesswork and embrace a data-driven approach to increase profitability and competence in running your business.


Scalable cross-platform data preparation


We understand that data lies in disparate sources and any incorrect or incomplete data can hamper your decision-making process. Our scalable model employs predictive analytics and machine learning to prepare and enrich your data that lies in Excel, Google Drive, SQL Server, Dropbox, OracleDB, Salesforce, Facebook, Amazon server, and more.


Multi-level access control


Manage all your data securely with user-level and data-level security. Our Business Intelligence ensures that high-quality and reliable information is made available only to authorized users. You can control who can access your data by defining user access privileges like read-only, read-write, and more. The edit history helps you know the changes to ensure you don't lose any data.


Reusable state-of-the-art models


We employ advanced AI, ML, and predictive analytics to build and train models to solve your unique business challenges. You can leverage on existing models with minimal changes to draw insights from other data sources. Our models allow you the flexibility to be deployed on any public, private, or hybrid cloud platforms to provide more agility


Affordable and agile solution


Our agile solution helps you get quick answers to complex business questions that any stakeholder can understand easily. At, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. We build a definitive business intelligence solution that fits your budget. You can get in touch with our sales team to get a tailored solution that solves your unique needs.

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Sentiment analysis for an automobile manufacturer

Analyzed 1 million multilingual text comments and reviews from various online social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and forums.


Demand analysis for automotive industry

Explore how an international car rental company identified their top rented cars and improved their inventory turnover by 28%.

Jump-start your insightful journey with our business intelligence solution.

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