Increase business profitability

Brands, sellers, and manufacturers across all industries, you can have in-depth knowledge of your product portfolio, channels, and customers using our pricing analytics solution. Our predictive models help you build and manage a pricing strategy to increase your profit margins and outgrow your competitors.

What makes our pricing analytics solution different from others?

large-scale data

Price elasticity models

Our price elasticity models show you how your customers react to your pricing changes and how your revenue gets impacted.

large-scale data

Dynamic price optimization

Our solution can get accurate timely prices from various marketplaces for you to optimize your prices consistently across all channels.

large-scale data

Accurate predictive models

Our robust models enable you to precisely forecast market demands so that you can quickly identify gaps and provide timely pricing.

How our pricing analytics solution can help your business?

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Price your products

We understand your product’s pricing strategy must progress with your evolving product development. Our strategic price optimization helps you price your products efficiently right from launch to maturity.

Identify customer segments, choose appropriate pricing strategies, and gradually increase your prices

Improve your gain finding out where you are losing out any profits due to sloppy discounts

Increase your revenue adding features analyzing data for a specific time (a month or daily)

Know your customers

How many times have you lost a deal just because your prospect was unhappy with your price? With our pricing analytics, you can understand their willingness to pay and reach them with the right offer.

Empower your sales team to interpret what inspires your customers' purchase decisions and become great negotiators

Personalize your campaigns and engage prospective leads with tailored prices

Group customers based on their pricing preferences and behavior, and target them with similar pricing models

news monitoring solutions
news monitoring solutions

Analyze your competitors

We live in a highly competitive market. With our robust price monitoring, you can understand your market position and reach your prospects before your competitors.

Get notified when there is a price change in your competitor’s products and reprice your products

Increase your demand with profit forecasting data and plan your pricing strategy accordingly

Outgrow your competitors understanding their pricing strategies and optimize your business

Ensure short-term benefits

The most impending challenge in price monitoring is the dynamic price changes across various channels. Our dynamic price monitoring enables you to refine your pricing and campaign strategy with evolving demands

Meet the growing demand by creating smarter pricing and promotional strategies

Improve up-selling and cross-selling strategies through identifying pricing gaps, underpriced or overpriced products

Reap immediate benefits creating hourly or seasonal offers

news monitoring solutions
news monitoring solutions

Reap long-term benefits

A long-term pricing strategy is essential to increase the lifetime value of your products and services. This way you can improve your brand and get to an acceptable price range analyzing internal data and market data.

Increase profit and market share understanding your current pricing strategy

Identify growth opportunities analyzing your internal pricing data

Improve your brand optimizing your prices according to market and customer preference

Grow your revenue with our pricing analytics solution.

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