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How does Sentiment Analysis strengthen your strategies

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Know your customers’ pulse

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Understand the competitive landscape

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Contextualize your communication

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Make informed business decisions

How does help you do Sentiment Analysis?

Insights based on reviews and ratings to improve customer experience

Customer reviews about your product or service across review forums, marketplaces, and social media are goldmines of information that can help you improve customer experience. We help you extract the data that are in different formats and structures and share insights on what customers feel about you, your points of improvement, strategies you need to build or break, and more.

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Listen to your customers with Social Media Monitoring

Social media is a critical platform to understand the sentiments of the customers, monitor competitors, stay in par with the industry trends, and more. We help you aggregate and analyze the sentiments of your customers and competitors and give you in-depth insights about the social buzz.

Utilize NLP techniques to handle unstructured information (hashtags, incorrect grammar, different languages, etc)

Gather insights with from sentiment analysis on ML-based data extraction

Monitor conversations about your products and of competitors

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Protect your brand with reputation management

Your brand image is vulnerable to violators of the grey market and to unauthorized sellers who sell below the MAP.

Grey Market Abatement Enforce compliance by identifying violators who have not been authorized to sell your products

Minimum Advertised Pricing Identify sellers selling your products below the MAP and protect your profit margins

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Add a fresh perspective to your business strategies with Brand Reputation Management

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